It has often been said, that the world’s problems are solved over a cup of coffee. Well, for months we had been drinking countless cups of coffee, pondering a way to redesign our logo. We simply lacked a vision that would mirror our name and bring market recognition. It wasn’t until , a graphic designer by trade, was having one of those doubleshot moments, that everything started to fall into place. Sipping on her daily flat white and totally oblivious to the fact that we wanted to change anything, Caitlin got a bee in her bonnet and started penning onto paper what she was experiencing at Doubleshot. She shyly showed us and we were thrilled. Barely two months on and thanks to Caitlin, Doubleshot has reinvented itself. We love the way the font pours like latte art.

Karin & Karin
Doubleshot Coffee Bar

Caitlin’s ability to understand a client’s needs enabled her to deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and embodies the modern, evolving, quality image that depicts our company. She is forward-thinking, highly-creative, motivated and a pleasure to work with.

Sharon Cousins
Product and Media manager

We initially chose CTB Designs because Caitlin does not have a one fits all design ethic. Each job is unique. Working with Caitlin allows our brand to reflect us, but she pushes the envelope – doesn’t settle. You begin the creative process of branding and design together and she escorts you through it, taking on your ideas but transforming and re directing them, so the design process resonates with you and the result is what you would have come up with if you were as creative. She is also fair, ethical and trustworthy and perceptive.

Sue Lund
Newstead Family Vineyards

When we decided to start our natural soap company a few years ago, we were recommended to contact Caitlin to do all our graphic design work, such as logo, labels, brochures and generally the whole look of the packaging for African Bliss. We were not disappointed!!! Caitlin did (and continues to do) superb work for our company. She is an absolute professional and we continue to get endless compliments on our beautiful packaging from customers.

Rae Conterio
Owner of African Bliss

It has been the greatest pleasure working with Caitlin on various projects from new Corporate Identity work to brochures. She is a joy to work with and has the rare ability to transform very ordinary briefs into so much more than one would hope for as an end result.
I hope that we can work together on many more successful projects and would highly recommend CTB Design to anyone wanting engage with a truly talented, professional designer….and have fun in the process.

Tod Ridgeway
Owner of Captivate Marketing

When we were looking for a graphic designer, we needed someone to join a diverse team of educational writers. She was briefed to create diverse images for different audiences. CTB designs brought more than we hoped. Thanks for professional, spectacular images and designs. Caitlin brings her unique and detailed visual thinking to a project and gets inside each project, producing beautiful results.

Ingrid Bruynse
MD Bright Media