Some people think in words.
Others think in pictures.
I’m a picture person.

I was born with the passion to become a graphic designer and have always been drawn to things visual. In my work I have been fortunate enough to have received briefs that are constantly challenging and refreshingly varied. Drawing on different kinds of inspiration and using a variety of tools such as typography, photography, illustration, colour and a strong sense of space, I aim to create clear, conceptual and visually strong designs.
Influenced by people, places (especially Africa) and everyday situations, by man-made shapes and natural forms; I look at neutral colours and vivid brights, at textures and light; I’m inspired by contrast and mystery, by life and the ever-changing mix it throws at us. This all finds a way into my work.
From simple and clean to chaotic and busy, my portfolio is diverse and my designs highly versatile. This is a necessity for me because it keeps me energized, and a benefit for my clients because it keeps the work unique.
I work with my clients to understand their objectives and maximize their brand’s potential, adapting my style and tone to match each job’s needs. I am involved throughout the process, from initial concept through to finished artwork and printing, if a client wishes. I commit myself to each project, not just because it’s good business but because I find it hard to detach myself.
Every job or personal project is an adventure; an opportunity to explore, a chance to engage and inspire, to have fun, to fulfill my passion. I am incredibly fortunate to do for a living what I love to do in my life.